Our Building Process

Getting Acquainted
Communication is king! Our process begins with a builders meeting so we can get into the mind of the customer. Our objective is to see the finished home as you see it. Once we are all comfortable there is synergy between us, we can begin the planning stage.

Preliminary Planning
Begin with the end in mind! Mountain Haven Homes builds strictly one-off custom homes. In planning we will start with a clean sheet of paper to create the perfect design and floor plan to suit your lifestyle and your dreams all while considering the natural environment surrounding your building lot.

Establish the Budget
It is impossible to complete a realistic budget without having the building lot and finalized plans. However, Mountain Haven Homes will give you an estimate of the cost to complete your new home so you can determine the viability and feasibility of your dreams and begin or modify the journey. To help you start on the right path we will work with you with every financing option available.

Find the Perfect Location
Location, location, location! Building is not one-dimensional. Mountain Haven Homes works hard to find the perfect balance between the features of a building lot and the design of the home. Living and working exclusively in Mountain Green, we assist our clients in finding appropriate site for the customer budget and needs.

Final Design & Budget
Mountain Haven Homes has established relationships with some of the top architectural and drafting firms in our market and works closely with the design team to assure that your final design maximizes the topography of the building site and that views and lot features are maximized. With a compete plan we can now provide you with final building budget.

Submit Building Plans
The builder can make or break the plan approval process. Mountain Haven Homes has an intimate knowledge of the submission process for Morgan County. We know the building officials by first name. Most subdivisions have strict building covenants and restrictions in addition to local building codes and ordinances. We work hard to assure the approval process is simple and painless.

We Dig It!
We celebrate the milestone and encourage our customers to attend the ground breaking of their dream.

Ongoing Communication
Customers love feedback and want to know how the building process is going. We make personal contact with you on a regular basis to give updates on critical milestones met.

Critical Paths
At ground breaking, Mountain Haven Homes provides you with an estimated schedule of critical dates for selection of materials to be included in the home. To meet scheduled completion it is critical that these dates are met. We will work diligently with customers to assist them in their selection and to ensure these dates are met.

Interim Inspections
At various points we invite customers to a walk through to physically inspect the home and insure that all the work completed to that point has been done correctly.

Further Customization
Many customers choose to do further customization at some point during the construction period. Mountain Haven Homes is flexible and allows customers to make the changes they desire with minimal impact to the building budget and completion schedule. We build your home, your way!

Point-to-Point Inspection
Just prior to settlement, the builder and customer perform a complete walk through of the home and insure that everything has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer. This is also when the customer will earn how to operate all the systems in the home and how to maintain it to assure their ongoing satisfaction.

The Keys Are Yours
What and exciting day! The builder attends settlement to insure the customer is satisfied with all aspects of the process and to assist in any final needs. The keys are delivered and the home is yours.

Builder For Life
Mountain Haven Homes provides a 12-month home warranty but that is only the beginning. In addition to completing modifications or repairs that arise, we will keep in touch periodically just to make sure you are still Totally Satisfied.